Rcd. a letter from an AGOG reader (thru Random House). Wants info on KALAH, ABBOTT'S NEW CARD GAMES, and TEEKO. Mentions SCARNE'S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF GAMES.

Call from Claude. He saw BOUNDARY at Joblot for $1.25. Didn't buy it. Made date for Oct. 12th & 13th.

POST had an ad by B. Altman for the game SET POINT.

Called Bob Champer. Made date to bring him a copy of PATTON at Simulations this coming Monday.

Call from Earl Perel. He is going back to teaching full time and has a new room:
{Earl Perel
{9803 Glenwood Rd.
{Brooklyn, N.Y. 11236

He will send me his telephone number as soon as he gets it.

Made some changes in my S & T review of SLEUTH, for use in G & P. Started on PLOY.

(cont. from 9/15) [9/17]

To R.G.I. to see Bob Gellman.
He said that HOLIDAY would be featured in DIVERSION, a magazine devoted to doctor's leisure.
Discussed putting PATTON in a "Library Edition" package.
Loaned him an INFINITY board as a sample of that possible
way of doing it. I preferred that he didn't since it is
better to have each of the half-board maps a separate
entity that can be used alone. I suggested plastic clips
(A.H.'s KRIEGSPIEL has them he showed me.) Another idea he had was to use "grab-fab."
Another game he intends putting in a "Library Edition" package
is a game called GAMBLER'S DELIGHT, which he showed me. There is a very large board. Around the edge is a series
of spaces where players landing win or lose money on
simple "games." First player around the path becomes the
[illegible crossed out] "banker" for a session at one of the standard
games with layouts in the middle of the board. (Rough idea.)
HOLIDAY & PATTON each sell for $8.
He'll prepare the box before, but he won't actually need the
final MACARTHUR game until next March.
I asked about my additional 10 copies of HOLIDAY and PATTON.
He made out an order to send me another 12 of each.
He said that if I had any use for the two copies of
MOVIE MOGULS to keep them. If not he'd like them back.

To "Gamut of Games." Phil asked me about if I had ever
(cont. on 9/13)

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