Called Felicia to ask about her letter from Hallmark. Not in.

To Leonard Willett to pick up the material he had and is now
finished with. Took some papers to sign and mail in for
the federal tax refund. The amounts are $1,670.60 FOR 1969
AND $1,647.41 for 1970. We discussed my sending him his
fee - before or after I get the refund. Decided on half now
and half after. I'll send $350 sometime next week.

Called Phil Orbanes. He has rules for SPACE STATIONS written
already. Will do the other two tomorrow and call me.
Started writing rules for FREEWORD. Saw that they would
be complicated enough without allowing unfinished words.
Tried a solitaire version limiting all joined letters to
complete words. Possibly the original It was more limiting
but not bad. Wrote the rules that way. Possibly the
original version can be added as optional sometime in the future.

Sent fiv $5.00 for NOST dues.

Called Micky MacKay to ask if I could get a copy of VIKING KRIG-LEK
to review for BOOK WORLD. It's still not in production.
Told her I'd use ALL IN THE FAMILY. She'll get me a copy of
VIKING KRIG-LEK as soon as it is available.
I asked her if she had a copy of SUMMIT around (for
Don Miller who advertised in the last GAMESLETTER that
he would like a copy. She doesn't, but will order one for me.

(cont. from 8/23) [8/23]

on a new game - 2ND CHESS.

Call from Phil Orbanes, Read the rules of SPACE STATIONS,
ALONE TOGETHER, and RENDEZVOUS. I picked up a few points.
He'll get the rules to Hoi Polloi by the end of the week
and will mail me a set.

(cont. from 8/24) [8/24]

Called Claude to talk about my talk with the Amberstones.
Told him that I was starting to think about UP THE ORGANIZATION.
We'll notify the other if we get anything worked up.

Dale called. A teacher from Denver (I think) called her about
simulation games for teaching business. In a previous call
Dale had suggested EXECUTIVE DECISION but she wanted more.
I told Dale to have her call me, but she'll write.

Started getting ideas for UP THE ORGANIZATION.

(cont. on 8/18)