To Benson & Bowles for meeting with Howard Wexler. He gave
us some specific directions. Had a secretary taking notes
and type them up so we each had a copy.
Wexler told us that he was at the INTERNATIONAL GAME SHOW
in Chicago. It was a dud except for some of the syposiums
which were interesting.
Went thru the games we had prepared : -
UPSTAGE - He thinks he likes it.
COURIER - He liked it considerably, altho we didn't play much.
THE GENTLE ART OF POLITICS - At first he didn't seem too
enthusiastic. But after Wald, Arthur, and Claude talked it up
he seemed more impressed. Discussed names and he liked my
suggestion of FIGHT CITY HALL best.
LICENSE TO STEAL - Played it a while. Similar to last
week with some small changes. Wexler suggested making a small
town atmosphere and calling it PEYTON PLACE. Claude will work
on it. I suggested Logos on the back of the money cards, showing the license(s) involved.
TOWN AND COUNTRY - When the genius meets a player he has to
bet all his money on whether even or odd shows up. If he
loses he has to get another stack of money which has to be
repaid. If he wins all players count up their money and each scores
points depending on how much money they have in comparison
with the each other player. Then the game continues. There is
no sending to jail. (Not complete.) Wexler said no on this one.
THE BRAIN GAME - Showed a little of this. Wexler said it was good, but
more of a 3M type game. (Possibly if I hadn't insisted on
royalties he might have been more interested.)
Made next date for 8/10 at 200 5th. He'll bring us each a check
for $5,000. He wants us to bring in UPSTAGE, FIGHT CITY HALL,
and COURIER in a form that he can take with him. He also
wants us to brink 1 1/2 games more from each - that is me,
Claude, and the Amberstones as a team.

Called Carl Eisenberg from B & B. He wanted my address to
include in a contract their lawyers are preparing.

Thinking about ideas for 2-hand FIGHT CITY HALL. Tried with BB
and it didn't work out. BB suggested a different set of
Deal Cards for 2 players. Worked one up and it worked pretty well.

Felicia called while I was away. She hadn't heard from 3M on my
royalties yet, and wondered if I had.

(cont. from 8/6) [8/7]

decided to change it to THE GAME OF NATIONS, leading to
a showdown instead of war. Made the outline of the board and
inked it in. Listed the wording of the spaces but didn't
get a chance to put them in. (Probably not all done today, but
at various times.)

[started 8/7]