Rcd. a registered letter from Lech Pijanowski. He will arrive
in New York on Oct. 3rd and wants to get together.
PLAYTHINGS for July arrived. Nothing new.

Felicia called to thank us for the belated birthday card.
She rcd. the money for IMAGE and they sent it all to her
instead of sending the inventor's share to him in England.
She'll call Bill Caruson about it and will check on other
things shown when she does.
A client who is with NBC in Washington sent a strategy
GAME to 3M before he came to her. She helped expedite
it and she thinks 3M has taken it. The name is a strange one that
she can't pronounce or remember.
She told Chuck Daugherty about the opening at R.G.I. and,
although it is somewhat out of his line, he might be
interested enough to call Bob Gellman.
Dynamic Design liked URBAN RENEWAL but refused it because
the large number of components makes it too expensive.
She hasn't spoken to Harold of Rappaport's yet about the
children's puzzle. She'll let me know when she does.
I told her about ELECTION's rip-off of VENTURE. At first she
wanted to tell 3M about it but I reminded her about the
provision in the contract that we pay our royalties for fighting
it and we decided to say nothing and hope it goes away.

Called Eve Auchincloss. Not in and left word again for her to call.

2nd call from Felicia. She spoke to Bill Caruson and then
Jim Kraus. SKYSCRAPERS is being returned because of
its resemblance to Mag-Nif's TORUS. (Told Felicia I was
afraid of that.) 3M is very interested in more puzzles, but
appearance is the governing factor.
They hope that the revolving racks will pick up the sales
of the Gamettes. SLEUTH is number 1 in sales in the line,
with EVADE second.
They are holding off on PROFIT. At present all stock
market games are doing very poorly.
Jim didn't know how to go about getting BAZAAR back
since it is still being sold in Europe. Felicia and I
decided not to look into it at present.
However they keeping HIGH BID in the gamette line
and they don't care if Larry Winters puts out an
updated version himself.
In the matter of PROFIT Felicia hinted about more
money and Jim said he'd see if he can arrange another $250.
They think that IMAGE will do very well.
Jim asked if BLUE CHIP is still on the market and Felicia
said she'd check with me (Jim sent his regards). I gave
her the date (1958) and the manufacturer and told her I
haven't seen it for over ten years. Jim says that they
(cont. on 6/1)

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