7/19 6/12

To G.A.F. for meeting with Wally Siegel, Bill Eckert, and Mike (?).
Started FAIRY TALE GAME but ran into a long stretch of
"Next Reel" on the 2nd throw which slowed the game terribly.
Agreed that I'd work on speeding up the game - 20 minutes
top. Later thought of eliminating the side space for each
tale. If get a character already have, take another in
that tale instead when you end your turn - without getting
"Next Reel". For a more skillful variation allow players
to use any 2 (or possibly 3) markers in circles to place
a marker on any character desired.
Played most of a game of JUNGLE RACE and they all liked
it very much.
Bill will be going to Portland next week and will get them
started on sample reels for the two games - but with
emphasis on the JUNGLE RACE. These will be present to
higher management.
In Wally's office gave him a copy of AGOG. (Later when Mike
was questioning me about my interest in games I suggested
that he look at Wally's copy and let me know if he wants one
for himself.)
Saw a box labeled ROUND THE WORLD in Wally's office. He said
it was prepared by another inventor and they haven't
really tried it yet tho they've had it for some time. It is
different from the one mentioned in the ad sheet (see
5/5). That one was prepared "in house" and has been dropped.
They have three other inventors working in addition to
me. But Wally is sure that JUNGLE RACE is a "shoo-in".
Incidentally, he mentioned that it would be "natural" to
prepare specifically labelled editions for the animal attractions
around the country.
I'm to fix up FAIRY TALE GAME and write the rules for both
and then call Wally on 7/31 to arrange the next meeting.

Stopped in Brentanos. Saw a young fellow walk up to the 3M
display and take ACQUIRE immediately.
Saw KONANE. Rules were the same as those I have (in
Board Games folder) except that these seem to have the pcs.
placed alternately one at a time by the players as they
choose, instead of having a definite starting position.
Saw SENSE-TENSE. A large square grid has words in most
of the spaces. The others list a part of speech, such as
noun - verb - etc. and these permit a free choice of any word
of that speech part. Players identify spaces by
drawing pairs of discs with numbers. 6 pairs,
I believe, are drawn. Players then try and make up a
sentence using these words and certain "free" words
such as the, and, to, etc. Score for the point value of
the words used and bonuses for each word over 6 in the
sentence. The form and tense of a word can be used but
not the part of speech. Before completing players a
(cont. on 7/19)