16 SUNDAY - JULY 1972

Finished the reels for FAIRY TALE GAME. Played with BB and
she liked it. Played 4-hand with Dana & his friend Gail
in the evening. Everyone liked it.

Started writing "Deal Cards" for THE GENTLE ART OF POLITICS.
Made a set of 5 dice and checked the occurance of
2 or more "Deal" faces. Pretty close to the calculated.

[Illegible crossed out.]

amount on the other die. A
(Cont from 7/17) [7/17]

amount on the other die. A new agent can be entered
when a player wishes but must be done
before throwing the dice. Object is to move the
"Message" to the player's capital city. Fights occur when
players have agents on the same space. Each throws the
dice and the attacker adds 1 point to his throw. High number
wins and the other agent is eliminated. If one or
both of the players has two agents on the space
the dice are thrown for each agent and the numbers
totalled. Also a double allows another throw which is
totalled with any other throws. In case of tie each throws
once more. (Incidentally if a double is thrown in moving
the player also gets another throw.) If the
eliminated agent is carrying his country's "pouch" the winner of
the fight takes it and learns all its secrets, including
the "Message" if it is there. But the player can continue
playing without his "pouch". [Illegible crossed out.] A player having
another player's agent as his double-agent can use it
once, in any way he can, and then it is eliminated.
(Fairly complete rules.) I said that there were too
many cards to keep track of and suggested having all
4 agents started at the beginning, and possibly limiting #1
and #2 to carrying the "pouch" at the start. Claude
suggested that whoever wins a fight get another throw
to move at once.
We played THE GENTLE ART OF POLITICS. They liked it
a lot. We played Claude's INSTANT DIPLOMA (or he prefers the name
LICENSE TO STEAL). The board has a series of spaces
around the edge and another path going roughly thru
the middle. There are two dice; one with 2-2-2-4-4-8,
the other with 1-3-5-7-11-13. Players normally use the
even die and must pay $500 to use the odd die. (Claude
forgot to tell us this and we didn't use it.) The player pcs.
are directional and can only [illegible crossed out] choose directions
at a branch, or can turn around, if desired, on certain
marked spaces.
When players land on certain other marked spaces
(cont. on 7/15)