7 FRIDAY - JULY 1972

Rcd. a call from Mr. Channing of
{1515 Broadway (44th St.)
{12th floor
{(869-3000, ext. 327
They are interested in a promotional GAME and contacted
Parker Brothers about it. After talking to a number of
people there, a Mr. Berliner (spelling?) said that I would be
the best one for doing the job. I asked about time and
Channing said there was no particular hurry. I mentioned
that I had worked with LIFE and PLAYBOY and he was
pleased with that. I'll go there next Thursday.

Rcd. a post card from Eric Nielsen with an error he had
picked up on one of the ARROW LIFE life histories he
sent me.

Earl Doherty of House of Games sent me a letter and a copy
of an ad sheet they using for 4000 A.D. containing
my review. It also plugs me, AGOG, and S & T.

Rcd. a letter from Graeme Levin of GAMES & PUZZLES. Mentions
POKOL, MONOPOLY, my contributions to the magazine,
LE TRUC and AGOG (he'd like a copy and I should bill him),
(but didn't send the info I requested), and asks if I
know of an American company looking for an excellent
Stock Exchange game (SPECULATE, I guess).

Rcd. two letters from I.R.S. concerning my claims for
1969 & 1970. Called Leonard Willett and I'll go to his
office next Tuesday to go over my figures.

Called Eve Auchincloss at the WASHINGTON POST office.
Checked on timing for my article on games. She wouldn't mind
having it sooner, but middle of August will be O.K. (or was
it end of July?). Told her about THE GAME ROOM in
CHICAGO TRIBUNE. She's going to try and use that as ammunition
for getting me in weekly in the WASHINGTON POST.

Got an idea for a game for HASBRO with a possible
name THE GENTLE ART OF POLITICS. Players get control of
various factors (Mayor, City Council, Judge, etc.)
by offering bribes in secret at the start. Then with
special dice they work towards taking away control.
Certain dice throws call for a "Deal" between several of
the factions for various amounts of money. (See my old
games of MARTENIQUE in card file and SOCIETY in "To be
processed" box on shelf [26].)

Bought 4 sheets of thin white cardboard and one each

(cont. on 7/2)