Made a company value calculator for THE BRAIN GAME.
Made 20,000 the lowest that can be collected; if deviation
is more than 30 the company is worthless, even
with an Efficiency Expert.

Catching up with game diary. Fooled around a little with

(cont. from 7/5) [7/5]

such as a doctor's diploma, etc. They can be stolen from
each other by landing on the same space. Certain spaces when
landed on directs the player to choose a card from 3 face
up. These give the various play holders of "licenses" an
opportunities to get money. If the player does not have one
of the "licenses" himself he still has to choose a card.
Arthur called. He has changed the name TOWN AND COUNTRY to
FORTUNE ROAD. They have also made some changes in the play.

Started a letter to Don Turnbull.// Sent the Xerox picture of
COMPUTAMATIC FOOTBALL to Mr. Ebert.// Wrote to Mary McKee asking for 13 prints.

(cont. from 7/6) [7/6]

thinks we are good we will each get $5,000 "earnest money"
even before any games are accepted. I pointed out that we
would not have the incentive to show our best efforts. In
fact that I had a game (THE BRAIN GAME) along which I would not
show under these terms. Sullivan was not impressed but
Wexler later (after Sullivan had left) said that maybe, since
this was something I had from before, I could get a royalty
for it. It was too late to show it by then and I said I'd
bring it for the next meeting. [Illegible crossed out] Wald showed their gambling GAME (see 6/30). Wexler
said it was too slow moving and that there should be money
changing hands with each cards.
Wexler told us of a gambling device he was working on.
A pinball type layout is mounted on a pivot. When it is
turned over to bring a ball to the top, the ball then goes
down hitting the pins till it lands in a number section.
Claude showed FAR AWAY PLACES. Wexler was interested, but
said that there should be some definite reason for wanting
to reach a specific space. (How about certain pcs. that
want to go to the mountains, others to the seashore, etc.?).
Wald showed FORTUNE ROAD. There were a number of changes
over 6/30, particularly that each player bet against the
bank, not other players. When a player met the "Genius",
who moved same number as number on die, he bet all of
his funds against the bank. There is also a jail in each
(cont. on 7/3)

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