3 MONDAY - JULY 1972

Worked up a layout for JUNGLE RACE. Didn't make
the equipment yet.

Changed the number of Assistants (from 5 to 7) and
Efficiency Experts (from 6 to 4) cards in THE BRAIN GAME.
Added the deviation of the Assistants (from exact
to 2 off) and of the Substitutes (from 3 off to 5 off).

Played THE BRAIN GAME 5-hand with BB, Dave, Barbara, and
Susan Horn. They liked it so much that they asked
to play a 2nd game. This was over in just an hour
even tho we played for all nine companies. (Dave
won both times.)
Thinking about it later decided to allow a player
landing on another player's token to force a trade in
any type of card he wishes, as long as the two
traded cards are the same type. If a player lands on
a space with more than one marker he can only
trade (if he wishes) with one opponent.

Called Bob Schneider collect and got him in. Told him I
had SCOTLAND YARD ready and when does he want to see it.
He'll have Bob Gellman call me. Possibly on Wednesday
to set up a date to show him on Thursday.
Forgot to ask him about the set of cards for me to
work out a WHEELS game from.

Wrote to Bill Rawlings. Asked some questions on
PROXIMITY CHESS and sent in my first move. Also my first

(cont. from 7/4) [7/6]

town and a player can lose turns there (didn't get
the details). Wexler particularly liked the "genius".
Also liked the name TOWN AND COUNTRY.
Claude showed UPSTAGE and Wexler liked the visual
Claude showed MONEY, MONEY, MONEY but Wexler said he'd have
to play to get that one.
Claude showed INSTANT DIPLOMA but Wexler wants to
play that too.
Made a tentative date to get together to play games
all day on Saturday 7/15.
At a bathroom break Wexler made a statement to the
effect that nobody sells a lot of games to companies.
I told him of the large number I have sold and he
was impressed.
After meeting to vest pocket park on 51st St. with
(cont. on 7/2)