26 MONDAY - JUNE 1972

Rcd. a call from Larry Blandin (long distance from Chicago)
concerning the INTERNATIONAL GAME SHOW. He said that
my name kept cropping up as a game designer and that
exhibition space is being set aside for specialists like me,
at their cost. I said that due to time limitations,
as well as financial, I couldn't attend this year.
He said that, among other exhibits, there would be the most
complete exhibit of ancient games ever gathered, including
SENET and SNAKE (which I couldn't find in my books) - this
is played on a spiral path and they have rules for it.
The one in charge of this exhibit is an expert in B.C. games.
{Dr. Alfred Hoerth
{University of Chicago
He wrote either a master's or P.H.D. thesis on games, which
I might possibly be able to obtain.
Larry asked me which games I had with 3M and I told him.
He said that he knew ACQUIRE was an excellent game.
The CHICAGO TRIBUNE wanted to feature two 3M games in
an article and asked Larry to get them. 3M sent two games
(probably MR. PRESIDENT and POINT OF LAW) that were
so dull to the test panel that - I believe - they didn't even
send them to the newspaper.
I asked and Larry promised to send me literature on the show.
There won't be an official catalog. I promised to send
Larry a copy of AGOG.

from Dynamic Design. Also glossies of these 4 games.

Earl called. Discussed SCOTLAND YARD a little and he suggested
some way of taking evasive action and I told him of my idea to
allow a player when landing on his character space to draw a
new one, once during the game. Also, of course, a player can try to
bury his warrants.
He will be given office space for his "game" program when
he goes to Albany for graduate study this fall.
We'll probably get together this week.

Wald called. He and Arthur have decided that we had better all
submit games individually. They think that we should agree
on minimum terms, however. $1,000 advance (Wald, too, felt
that $2,000 was unrealistic) 5% with no cut-off,
publication no later than the second spring after signing of
the contract.
I said that I'd be glad to step out and let him and Arthur
submit things first, but he said "No." I asked what
they were working on and when he said the gambling
GAME I said I'd hold up on that subject.

Looked up THE BRAIN GAME (see 3/23/70) and saw that
(cont. on 6/25)