Rcd. a post card from Don Miller, similar to the one of 6/5
mentioning FEUDAL, TWIXT, THE GAMESMAN #1, and

Finished AIRPORT and then reviewed DEALER'S CHOICE,
completing my column. BB typed it.

Working on SCOTLAND YARD. Completed most of the board -
nothing missing tha was needed for the play. Had BB
type the various cards. Made a summary card and,
when that smudged, made a second one.

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(cont. from 6/23) [6/23]

Jim said that the S & T circulation is now over 13,000.
Made 6 reproductions of the key sheets for SCOTLAND YARD.
(Later found I left them there, with the original.)
Campion's article mentioned an S & T GUIDE #3.
To 909 - 3rd Ave. Met Wald & Arthur and then Claude. Upstairs
to Benton & Bowles to meet with Howard Wexler, who is now
with HASBRO and Steve Madoff who handles the account for B & B.
Wexler remembered me and is reading AGOG. He likes it but pointed
it out as an example of the types of games they don't want.
The type of game they do want are 1) For age 9
to adult. 2) Board type but not plain flat boards. 3) Commercial games
of the type Parker puts out. 4) Some type of gimmick - such as the
popper in TROUBLE. 5) Using different materials than the ordinary
cardboard. 6) 3M games not the type, except OH-WAH-REE which
qualifies mainly because of the attractive pebbles. 7) Simple - no
tremendous strategy. 8) Half hour length - possibly up to 1 hour.
9) 2 or more players. 10) $5 and up. 11) Must be visual and
emphasize role playing.
Some themes. 1) Business - Horatio Alger - Knife your buddy -
applicable to commercials like THE BOSS. 2) Political. 3) Gambling -
possibly with 12 dice - regular or special. 4) Sociological.
5) Organized crime - tongue in cheek. [6])Auction. Not ESP or
occult. No puzzles or solitaires.
They would like to have something to look at in two weeks - which
we all remarked was short notice, since we had other things to
work on.
I mentioned the business variation of CINEMA (see
THE BRAIN GAME - 3/23/70) and Wexler said he'd like to see it.
Wald will be the contact and Wexler will contact him if
he has any messages. Wald can call him collect (after Wald
asked) in Rhode Island at 401-726-4100. If we want to
use a conference room at B & B to meet alone and test games
we can, but we'll have to call Wexler to set it up.
Wexler was quite enthusiastic about the volume HASBRO expected
to reach with the game line. But when we mentioned advances

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