Sandy Garson (see 3/31) called while I was [out?]. I called while she
was out and finally she reached me. She wanted my
advice on a new game, WORLD TRAVEL, she and some friends
had come up with. I told her about HOLIDAY and described
the play. Hers is more realistic. Players are dealt 15 city
cards and then plan an itinerary using 10 of them in an
around the world trip of from 30 to 45 days. They also plan
exactly when they intend to return. In each city they draw
cards for confirming their air tickets, concerning hotels, restaurants,
and shopping. A player can disrupt an opponent in various
ways, such as a card inviting him to join him, thereby screwing
up his itinerary. There is a lot of chances for choices. Money is
also involved and they want to try and get National City's permission
to use "specimen" traveler's checks. They also will try and see if
they can work a tie-in with Arthur Frommer.
Basically they are interested in putting the game out themselves,
but we also discussed the ramifications of that approach and
going thru a big company. Answered as many of her questions
as I could. At the end she said she owed me a lunch (actually at
the beginning she suggested getting together for lunch to discuss it).
I said for her to give me a copy of the game when published.
I told her that as well as HOLIDAY, S & R has come out with
COOKS TOURS. She rcd. information that American Express is
coming out with a travel GAME that will push all their
She has sent in her article to American Airlines and she
will be payed [paid] when it comes out. She'll get me a copy. She gave
a paragraph to ACQUIRE, mentioned EXECUTIVE DECISION,
and quoted me a few times.

Sent a memo to Jim Kraus thanking him for the 4 SLEUTHs.

Dale had a book CENTURIES OF CHILDHOOD which has a chapter
entitled "History of Games and Pastimes". Borrowed it from her to read.
(cont. on 6/4)

(cont. from 6/9) [6/9]

Called Leonard Willett about filling out the form for the
State Income Tax. No problem. He hears that the Federal
is way behind. He said that he had been about ready to call
and check with me.

Rcd. THE ROBOT GAME by David Popoff; a center fold game
from PSYCHOLOGY TODAY sometime in 1969.

Al & Adela Richter here in evening. Al had a PUZZLE consisting
of 4 plastic pcs. On each there is a 7 x 7 array of circular
spaces. Some are blacked out, others are transparant, and
(cont. on 6/7)