Plan Ahead

One of Sid Sackson's game prototypes, Plan Ahead involves a game board modeled after a calendar, and play money. The game obviously involved putting sums of money aside for future needs. Materials include: 1 cardboard box with fold-down lid; 1 sheet of hand-written combinations of letters and numbers, written on back of photocopied license agreement (transferred to Library's (Sid Sackson Archive); 1 paper diagram (transferred to Library's Sid Sackson Archive); 1 cardboard "calendar" gameboard, folded; 5 cardboard spinners with metal brads; 70 round markers, 23 pink, 2 orange, 45 red; 12 miscellaneous cardstock stencils; 90 cardstock color/number cards; 37 HEXAGAMES cards; 68 TOP THAT! cards; 232 Pieces of play money: 46-$5, 4-$5000, 67-$10,000, 108-$50,000, 7-$100,000


Transcription not available.