Pick Your Poison (PYP)

Designer Sid Sackson's board game prototype, Pick Your Poision is a dice betting game. Sackson wrote: "A new dice game of skill and luck for two, three or four players. You can figure the odds...or you can play your hunches..." Materials include: 1 cardboard box bottom; 1 cardboard box insert; 4 inside box bumpers; 5 hand-made cardboard containers for playing pieces; 1 cardboard box tip; 1 black plastic box-top liner; 6 pages of directions, 2 typed, 4 hand-written (transferred to Library's Sid Sackson Archive); 1 black pentagonal carved wood board with 12 sections, one lined with felt; 1 carved betting mat; 3 green markers; 2 dice; 16 blue chips; 24 red chips; 23 yellow chips; 24 white chips


Transcription not available.